Is Self-Help Wellbeing REALLY Possible?

Posted on 16th August 2019 at 15:48

The NHS is creaking at the seams. Long GP waiting lists are growing rapidly. Specialist care and support is becoming more scarce. Toxicity is all around us. So what can you do to help yourself? Plenty! writes Master Wellness Mentor, Elaine Godley.  

Just imagine that a coffee pot contains all molds, coffee grounds remnants and different hard-water deposits. That seems quite harmless at first sight, as human body has an easy job to fight with dangerous substances, which can do damage to you after just another cup of coffee.

Is Self-Help Wellbeing REALLY Possible?

My grandparents would not have understood the world we live in today. They rarely visited the doctor, even less a hospital. If they became poorly, they helped themselves with natural remedies and solutions. Old wives tales if you like. And they worked.

Food was grown naturally without commercial pesticides, it was eaten fresh daily as there were no fridges and limited storage was available. There was very little public health information available and people just got on with their simple lives the best they could, using what nature has in the larder.

Helping yourself in terms of health and wellbeing is an interesting dialogue I have on a day to day basis. With the NHS being under such enormous strain and GP waiting lists getting longer and longer we all have a duty to look after ourselves better so as not to add to the problem.

There are now thousands of websites that provide a wealth of information on how to recover from a range of illnesses and how to minimise the risk of serious health challenges. It's very easy to become overwhelmed. Where do you start to search? Who do you believe? So many of the social media adverts are funded by big companies using effective marketing experts who'd have us believe that we can't possibly live without this or that pill or potion. Even some 'natural' supplement companies are on the bandwagon and claim that you will become very ill unless you have a set amount of their products daily….have you read their labels?! Some of them have 'fillers' as the top ingredient. I find this shocking.

So What can we do to help ourselves? 

Firstly, take a 'virtual' tour, a 'scan' of your body. Notice what's working and what areas need some help. Get to know your body and know that it will heal itself given the right environment. Only YOU will know if something is wrong in your body, and your mind of course - do include mental health. We need to be aware of our mental state as well as our physical condition, so that we are alerted when things go wrong.

I am a great believer in testing. This is where the NHS are very good. When we are offered scans, they give us a picture to show what needs doing to fix ourselves. I don't believe in all scans mind you, so do be discerning on what you are offered. Mammograms, for example are not on my list of accepted tests, I prefer thermography which is available privately and is non-invasive.

As I learn more, my recommendations adapt. Currently, I suggest a dried blood analysis, hair mineral test, cell membrane test and a behavioural profile. These are all home tests providing significant keys to understanding the current state of our body and how our behaviour helps or hinders the situation.

Thousands of people take mineral and other supplements without ever knowing if the body actually needs them. In some cases, they could be making their health worse because they are guessing and making assumptions.

The dried blood analysis will show whether your body is able to absorb minerals in the first place. It's possible for us to be taking a whole variety of supplements, yet unless our body absorbs them efficiently we may as well cut out the middle road and just throw them straight down the toilet.

And unless our cell membranes work productively, limited nutrition will enter and no waste matter will be eliminated. this means that toxins are held within our system resulting in inflammation and poor health, and we are potentially wasting a fortune on supplements and high quality, expensive nutrition.

To understand why we keep repeating a pattern of ill health, a behavioural profile will explain why we are predisposed to certain illnesses and what we can do to minimise future risk.

And, finally, you could be eating the best diet and nutrition food on the planet, be meditating, calm, kind and grateful yet still be ill. Have you considered the most important aspects to support your body - grounding and methylation?

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