How to Improve Your Eyesight Naturally

My eyesight improvement was so significant that my NHS sight test was FREE .

Posted on 1st February 2020 at 08:24

How can a shot of this drink improve your eyesight in a few weeks? 

Sounds improbable, although I have to tell you that it works. 

In the UK, the NHS offers free eyesight checks every two years. If you are re-tested within this period, unless your sight has changed significantly, you are required to pay. 

For some weeks, I'd been noticing an improvement in my eyesight and wondered if it was wishful thinking or placebo somehow? I have varifocels which I use for both long distances and reading, and especially using my laptop because I used to get frequent headaches caused from eye strain.  

I found myself forgetting to put my glasses on, and when I did, removing them immediately because I didn't need them. 

So I made an appointment, and guess what happened? 

I had a FREE eye test. The NHS offer the free test as they expect everyone's eyes to have deteriorated. Mine were the opposite. The improvement was so significant, that I didn't need to pay, and was given a new prescription. 

So what is this magical drink? 

It's live organic wheatgrass and I take it every morning. I add freshly squeezed juice from half an organic lemon, a generous pinch of sea salt, plus any supplements I am taking at the time - I crush tablets on the back of a large knife or a pestle and mortar, and I empty capsules and mix altogether within the shot. And that's it! Simples. 

If you'd like to sample for yourself (remember that any change can take around 3 months to impact - although sometimes instant results are evident), join the Juice Club at

To receive an additional TWO WEEKS FOR FREE, then add my name, Elaine Godley, in the instruction box at the checkout and 14 free shots will be added to your order, with my compliments. 

The picture on the right shows my recent delivery to Portugal. the shots are individually packed in bags of 30 and they arrive frozen (guaranteed) direct to your door.

My favourite flavour is ginger and turmeric which I often consume straight from frozen as an ice lolly. The berry fruits are also gorgeous and ideal to get optimal nutrition into children. 

Was this just a Fluke? 

In my view, the only way to test if something is truly working for you, is to stop taking it and see if your symptoms re-start. I recently moved to Portugal and it took me a while to work out how to receive frozen product when I currently live at the back of nowhere in a caravan on my friend's land.  

Within four weeks of not taking my daily live organic wheatgrass shots, I noticed that I was wearing my glasses again and the black floaters across my eyes had returned. Something had to be done. I spoke with Dr Britt Cordi of Britt's Superfoods and she guaranteed I would receive my order with no problem. The local post office was kind enough to accept a courier parcel for me, and within just one week of restarting my daily routine of live organic wheatgrass, the black floaters were disappearing and I was using my glasses less often again. 

If you decide to order, don't forget to put my name in the instruction box to receive an additional 14 SHOTS FREE OF CHARGE - my gift to you. Do let me know how you get on.  

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