Nobody Should Suffer Poor Health Through Lack of Money

I am on a mission to ensure access to Perfect Health for everyone that wants it....although not everyone does! 

Nobody Should Suffer Poor Health Through Lack of Money

Posted on 25th February 2020 at 10:35

I am on a mission to ensure access to Perfect Health for everyone that wants it....although not everyone does! 

Lack of Money is No Excuse! 

I am considered inspiring, energetic, kind, knowledgable, brave.....and also bonkers by some! 

People see me as a successful woman who has overcome cancer several times and also cured myself of the kidney disease I was born with after being on antibiotics under medical supervision for 23 years.

However, what most don't see is the fact that I've relied upon state benefits on and off since my first cancer diagnosis in 2009. They've not seen the struggles behind the scenes as a single Mum, attempting to support my autistic son to integrate within society. They've not been with me on the thousands of miles I've travelled across the UK to receive treatment, attend training courses and speak at events to share my experiences with others, so they can improve their wellbeing. They've no idea how many hours I've studied to learn more about nutrition and lifestyle management, and recently as a Biohacker. No-one can understand why I cashed in my pension to keep going and fund myself rather than struggle to find a job in a society more suited to the IT literate younger generation. No-one (not even me) knows how much money I've invested on trialling natural remedies and solutions to improve my health. And I've lost count of the number of volunteer hours I've spent supporting families with all kinds of health challenges - from granting wishes to being at bedsides with grieving families, or talking on the phone with individuals who've been given a shocking diagnosis and don't know which way to turn.  

Don't get me wrong. This is not a moan. It's a realistic statement of what's happened to me and why I get VERY cross when I see organisations selling products which are cleverly promoted, yet have no nutrition value whatsoever to mankind. I am saddened to see mothers hoodwinked by social media and caniving advertising promotions to feed their families with 'food' that is so processed, you wouldn't recognise the original source which contains less nutritional value than its packaging. And I am saddened when I see websites offering help to others for huge sums of money selling transformational programmes of one kind and another. 

The cost of this nonsense and confusion to society is huge and why families can't afford to eat properly. Added to this insult, is the fact that we are not taught at school the value of good nutrition and the importance of maintaining a strong immune system. 

A simple diet of nutritionally rich meals made from scratch at home will minimise your risk of becoming ill. By using fresh ingredients and batch baking for economy, you and your family may gain protection from illness and disease by increasing your immunity and overall wellbeing. Many of us eat too much. I am often asked how I can afford to eat organically whilst on benefits. Very simply is my answer. I don't over eat. I consider food to be my natural medicine and savour every mouthful. Change your plate size - substitute tea plate size instead of using large dinner plates. You will not go hungry I guarantee. And if you don't have a clue where to start, even the NHS in the UK provide guidance to create interesting, healthy meals³. 

I was brought up on a nutritionally rich diet of foods grown on our family allotment, created from scratch. Processed foods hadn't been invented. We had no fridge or other fancy storage solutions and no technology to cook with. All of our food was bought fresh every 1-2 days. This meant that we had to go out of the house to the shops, and so we walked a great deal. We walked to school, enjoyed freshly cooked meals at lunchtime, and walked home again. We did have vaccinations but in single doses. My parents were great role models - always helping others and actively supporting charitable causes - traits which I've inherited. 

Contrast my childhood with that of young people today. It's unrecognisable. Today, everything appears on demand. Fast processed food, no exercise, home deliveries, multiple vaccinations on every street corner. It's sickening. 

This week, a kind person described me as 'a master at restoration and recovery'. Despite being given 1 year to live in 2015 with stage IV cancer, I've never considered myself as being ill - ever! I've simply been 'inconvenienced'. It's a question of attitude I've come to realise - and many people seem unable to change their attitude to life. Nasty stuff happens to us all. How we respond is the key to whether we survive or thrive.

My high levels of energy, my positive mindset and my resilience, are all down to the connections I have with my own mind and body, and to the many friendships I have formed during my lifetime. It's said that what goes around, comes around. Be nice to people and when you require help, you will be amazed at where assistance appears from when we need it.  

I may not be rich in monetary terms today (been there, got that T-shirt), however, I have the greatest wealth on earth that money can't buy - my health, my sense of fun and overall wellbeing. I am saddened when I see reports of mortality through poverty as in the news this week². I live my life in balance (mostly) and chose to invest in my recovery and balanced and happy life rather than chasing lucrative business projects as I have done in the past. We can only sleep in one bed, drive one car and use one bathroom at a time. My need for such trappings are long gone.

My overall life purpose now, in my 60s, is to show others how they too can thrive without being rich - those who choose to that is, as not everyone wants to. By offering low cost health and wellbeing solutions for individuals to access themselves at home, is one way that my mission is evolving. That said, my biggest purpose in life is to remain healthy, have fun and enjoy time with my family and friends and leave a legacy - watch this space! 

We all have choices in life. My health is priceless. Is yours? 

Elaine Godley provides free support for anyone with a current or previous cancer diagnosis at





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