August – What’s New?

An Introduction...

Hello friends! You may have noticed a lot of changes recently for Elaine Godley and the Perfect Health brand. As I embark on new adventures in Portugal, I find myself refining what health means to me. For that reason, I have re-branded and have built an all purpose wellness hub via my new website! Here, you'll find all sorts of useful tools and resources: health blogs, guest interviews, analysis tools, tried and tested high quality health products - and of course, my friendly face - which is slightly more tanned these days since my adventures in Portugal began!

Tools For My Clients

I'm delighted to have perfected my online health tool box to include a range of products and services that will enable my clients to really take control of their own health and lives! Here are just a few - but feel free to explore the new website to see for yourself!

Dried Blood Analysis
High Quality CBD
Hair Mineral Analysis
Omega Oil Analysis
DISC Profiling

Adventures in Portugal

I'm having a wonderful time in Portugal. Our land is being prepped ready to start building our eco-village. We have land available for hand-fastings and our first ritual will be happening within a few weeks.

Our next Wellness Week is scheduled for 2nd-6th March 2021 in Cheltenham, Gloucestershire- please let me know if you would like to join us! It would be a pleasure to see you!

Elaine Godley & Friends

Elaine Godley & Friends Podcast

4th August - Nokyo Stanilav - The Impact of Sugar
11th August - Kit Stapely - Mars Venus Relationship Coaching
18th August - Gavin Aley - CBD
25th August - David Stone - Gestalt Therapy

Be Our Guest - Guest Speaker

5th August - Jackie Allatson - TBC
12th August - Sally Saint - Wise Woman Within
19th August - Lisa Portman - Thermography
26th August - Chrisoula Sirigou - Colour Therapy

The Gift of Perfect Health

I'm very happy to share that you can now purchase gift vouchers for your loved ones!

Speak Soon!

That's as much as I can fit into one blog but please do keep in touch on social media to see what else I'm up to! I would love to see what you are up to and how you are making sure your health is a priority, especially with everything that is happening in the world right now and all the Covid related stress.

Please remember that stress is a huge factor in poor health so try not to let all we're seeing and hearing in the news effect your health and mental well-being.

Keep healthy and happy.
Here's to your Perfect Health! Elaine x

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