Health Testimonials

These are a small selection of the comments people write about the help and support I’ve provided to them. Of course, every circumstance is different, yet
the feedback is always similar.

It gives me great pleasure to read them to myself from time to time, knowing that I have helped people to make life changing (and often life-saving) differences in their lives.

I am a great believer in testing and measuring. In this way, you can assess your improvements and reflect on how far you have improved.

Please talk to me about my latest testing recommendations. I am always learning and sharing new techniques.

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"I am delighted to share that I have now successfully eliminated all of the former medication from my life … and hopefully from my system too and am only relying on the potion, the wheatgrass + an assortment of vitamins. I am so incredibly grateful that I didn’t start on those bio injections now."

"Elaine, you have kept me going through this terrible time. Thank you!"

"I took your advice and started with some "clean living" . I've been having vitamin supplements, magnesium and vitamin d for a few months and eating non processed food. I can honestly say I feel 200% better than I did. So a huge thank you for your help."

"Always grateful for the kindness you’ve shown me."

"Brave and wonderful Elaine. You are an inspiration."

"OMG! The improvement in my Dad is unbelievable. He is a retired GP. This morning he got up, put his socks on himself and came downstairs on his own. And he slept well for the first time in weeks. Thank you so much."

"Wishing you continued health, happiness, stamina and that you never lose your sheer determination to be outspoken! You are a beacon of inspiration in so many ways, for so many people. I believe, you have found your purpose!"

"Elaine! Most inspirational person I’ve ever met!"

"Thank you so very, very much Elaine for your time and your kind words this evening; I'm so very grateful. Thank you so very much for your help and for making me feel better. God bless you!"

"Thanks again for meeting with us. It made a big difference to meet a survivor in person and we came away uplifted and confident about the future."

"Thank you very much Elaine for your help and advice and your kind words, and for the instructions. I will make a new start!"

"Just to say my tumour markers have PLUMMETED by 90 PERCENT
So thrilled. The Consultant can't believe it!"

"Thank you for your inspiration and guidance!"

"Elaine Godley, you always say such beautiful and wise things every time I see you. I think you’re amazing."

"Elaine I thought I would share my news. Latest CT scan. Golf ball tumour in bowel now smaller than a pea. Liver tumours down by 60 percent and tumour markers are down from 15000 to 200!"

"I am taking c oil, omega 3, live organic wheatgrass, a few other supplements and using my Powertube. My bloodwork shows a 25% DECREASE in my tumour markers!"

"I look well and think it has to be a combo of all the things I am doing for which I am so grateful."

"In the 2 weeks that I have been taking your recommendations, I have noticed so many benefits. I have had trouble absorbing my water for some time, and this came up in my blood analysis in that my lymphatics were congested.  This is better now. My head is clearer after taking the diam earth and the zeolites and I am also taking the cleanse in tablet form for quicker results. All in all feeling so much better that I have been powering through my work and accomplished more in this last week than I have done for months. I no longer have the 3pm to 6pm slump in energy that
meant I had to take a nap. I feel my adrenals are working at 70% now and in a few weeks that will hit the 90 to 100 % mark. Feeling great! Thank you."

"Loving this product Elaine (live organic wheatgrass), in my third month now, super fresh and delivered frozen in dry ice 10/10 thanks for recommending it to me."

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