November – What’s New?

As we enter into a new month, I find myself reflecting on mental health... I know many of my friends in the UK are currently back into a lockdown situation. I want to send my heartfelt thoughts to you all; we are experiencing a strange and difficult time. Many are struggling with their mental health and it isn't surprising. We have many mental health experts in our Perfect Health Wellness Club group on Facebook - please do use it for your benefit. Reach out, talk, be honest. It is OK to not be OK.

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Guest Post from Jessica Prime

When Elaine mentioned mental health for the November newsletter, I felt a sense of obligation to take part in the guest post. I am an extremely passionate mental health advocate having struggled myself for many years. Recently I was reminded of the importance of asking for help. My mental health hit a dangerous low point during the first UK lockdown and I found myself in scary mental territory. I really was at crisis point, and drowning in a battle to keep myself afloat. In desperation, I reached out to an expert. It was my last resort and the final hope. It took a few weeks initially, but I started to notice moments where I felt positive; moments where I felt calm; moments where I felt lucky and grateful. I never would have come back from that dark place if I hadn't asked for help. This is me pleading with you; If you are struggling, it really is OK to admit it. Please reach out and ask for help. Recovery can be long, but it is always worth the effort and it starts by talking... Good luck x

Elaine Godley & Guests

Elaine Godley & Guest Interviews

3/11 - Leanne Littlewood "All Things Detox" & Clayton Thomas "Founder of The Root Brands"
10/11 - Sughra Khaliq "Skincare, Reflexology & Massage Therapist and Trainer
17/11 - Joy Gill "Aligned with Joy"
21/11 - Vicky Henderson "My Personal Health Transformation Story"

Airs every Tuesday at 4pm on Anchor and YouTube

Be Our Guest - Guest Speaker

4/11 - Sophie Garner "The Power of Song-writing for Wellbeing, Confidence and Self Discovery"

We are taking a short break from Guest Speakers in Perfect Health Wellness Club, but you can find all the previous videos in the group. Watch this space for news and updates for 2021.

LIVE every Wednesday at 8pm in the Perfect Health Facebook group

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Dates For Your Diary

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FREE seminars on emotional resilience and shadow consciousness every Wednesday.

Love Thy Body Workshop 9th November

World Children's Event – week of 16th November - a week of short talks by inspirational young.

Anti Bullying Week 2020

Bullying is something I feel passionately about - I am also interested in learning about the relationship between bullying and personality types. I recently shared a blog entitled, 'Are you a Bully or a Victim?' in which I share what I have learned about bullying, along with my thoughts on this sensitive subject.

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The Perfect Gift

Don't forget, as Christmas and Yuletide celebrations draw closer, you can buy your loved ones the gift of Perfect Health! My gift voucher covers any of my services, mentoring and health support...

Happy November

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Would you be interested in participating in a monthly zoom call with a Q&A on a specific health topic where we have experts providing guidance, top tips, advice and knowledge? Cast your votes here...

Speak soon, Elaine x

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