December – What’s New?

Wow! What a year it has been. I think we'll all agree that 2020 has been a year of learning, reflection and change. It has been tough but also given us all the opportunity to reflect on what makes us happy and healthy. Why not use December as a time to plan for 2021? You could create a bucket list or vision board for things you want to achieve and change for your most positive and healthy year yet.

Guest Post by Tara Russo

12 tips for a mindful Christmas with the family

For us adults this time of year might be harder this year. We probably have a whole raft of feelings brought about by the events of this year, from fear to anxiety, from anger to resentment. More than ever we need to remember to be kind to ourselves and set aside that time to recharge and regroup by doing whatever makes you smile... Read more.

You can listen to Tara's 2019 interview here.

Elaine Godley & Guests

Elaine Godley chats to expert health and business guests...

1/12 Jasmine Navarro - Co-Active Life Coach
8/12 Dr Gill Barham - Radiant Menopause
15/12 Rosalyn Palmer - Transformational Coach and Therapist
22/12 Jackie Booth - Executive Leadership Coaching For Women
29/12 Heather Crowe - Calluna Graphix (Sustainable Graphic Designer)

Airs every Tuesday at 4pm on Anchor and YouTube

Perfect Health Q & A

You may have noticed the end of our 'Be Our Guest' guest speaker feature. That's because we're in the process of launching a very new and exciting feature, our 'Q&A' live Zoom sessions with expert health guests. Our first session, an interactive educational Zoom on beating cancer proved very popular. I'm looking forward to sharing what we have planned for 2021. Watch this space! Do let me know if you have any suggestions for topics.

The Gift of Health

Looking for a unique gift idea? How about the Perfect Health gift voucher which can be redeemed against any of my services, mentoring and health resources. What a perfect stocking filler!

With Love x

If you do take my advice of creating positive plans for 2021, please do share them into the Perfect Health Wellness Club group on Facebook. I'd love to see what you have planned - and everyone could use the inspiration!

Keep your eyes peeled for my new rebranded website which launches very soon. All the best health resources and services but renovated!

As the winter months move in, be mindful of your health. These months can be the hardest, especially with what we've all been through this year. Take care of yourself, nourish your body (and your mind), practise self-care, be responsible for your health, take advantage of the Perfect Health group and website.

Have a wonderful winter, Christmas, Yule - whatever you're celebrating.

See you next year!
Elaine x

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