Happy New Year!

Hi friends. Wow! What a year we had in 2020! I'm sure you're as glad as I am to be in a fresh new year and I'm here to share my top tips for making sure 2021 is your happiest and healthiest year yet.

Prevention Is Better Than Cure

I've collated the best of the best health tests and assessments to enable you to take control of your health in 2021. Here are some I recommend to start with, but you can find a whole list of options on my website here.

Visualise & Go!

I tend to live my life like an adventure, but I also believe in the power of planning and visualisation. Why not start your year by creating a vision board? It can look however you want it to, and include everything you want (plan!) to achieve in 2021 - health goals, personal goals, social goals, adventures, foods to try, everything and anything! I'd love to see what you come up with. 2020 has been hard so don't hold back for 2021. You deserve the best!

Happiness is Healthiness!

Jo Howarth is an Advanced Hypnotherapist with a psychology degree and a diploma in mindfulness, who helps people to improve their mental health and outlook on life with her amazing membership 'The Happiness Club'.

The Happiness Club provides daily support for your mental wellbeing. 24/7. 365 days a year. 

It offers it's members exclusive access to a huge host of tools and resources including webinars, meditations, courses, daily mindfulness tasks and access to qualified professionals.

If you're wanting to prioritise your happiness and mental health in 2021, I highly recommend you check out Jo and her club. (Click Jo for more.)

Tools & Resources

I don’t recommend taking supplements for the sake of it. There are very few supplements that suit everyone, and how do you know what dosage to take in any event? One size doesn’t always fit all. My recommendation is to give yourself a health MOT to assess what your body actually needs.

Heavy metals like mercury, cadmium, arsenic, lead and aluminium are proven to damage every single system of the human body. It’s important to remove toxins gently. Some people experience significant side effects from detoxing including headaches, muscle pain, stomach issues and a general feeling of being unwell.

Start the day right by putting on your positive pants! This fun and confidence boosting product by Claire Clements ensures that you and your child can start the day with a positive mindset.

CBD is an incredible health product that has so many health and wellness benefits. Following years of experience and thousands of hours and £s researching, I only recommend products I use myself or those proven to enjoy a good pedigree and results for my clients.

This beautiful book is full of inspirational quotes and breathtaking, original artwork for you to take time out and colour for yourself. Enter into the world of mindfulness by allowing yourself to fully focus on creating each beautiful page. This book will help you to live in the moment, feel calmer and more relaxed, and to live a happier life.

Would you like extra energy? Healthy skin? Improved digestion? These are just some of the wonderful side effects you can gain from drinking wheatgrass juice. This coupled with a supported immune system, improved mental and physical performance and weight management, prove very positive side effects.

Elaine Godley & Friends

Keep your eyes peeled in my Perfect Health Wellness Club Facebook group every Tuesday at 4pm when my weekly podcast chats will be shared. It's such a pleasure to constantly meet and chat to such fascinating new friends.

January 2021

5/1/21 - Paul Green - Founder of BusComm
12/1/21 - Michelle Lewis - Step Forward With Lewis
19/1/21 - Calvin Niles - Communication Coach and Mindful Story Teller
26/1/21 - Jennifer Barraccu - Ex Pharmacist Turned Natural Health Guru

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With Love

As always, I am available if you need me. My website hosts a whole range of tools and resources that you can use this year to make it your healthiest yet. Get in touch if you need more help and support.

Have a wonderfully happy and healthy new year folks.

Elaine x

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