In the Middle
This blog is the draft forward to my upcoming book. Just getting my teeth into how life has changed in England spanning six generations

A 100 year review of ordinary life in England

How have we become a society that values possessions before family; profit before ethics; and instant gratification before patience?  Where is kindness, love and compassion in the world today?

English life has been totally transformed during the past 100 years.  If our ancestors returned, I feel sure they would not recognise what England has become.  Most of us are living men and women just trying to get by and enjoy a simple life.  We have different opinions resulting from different experiences that have moulded us into who we have become. We are all unique and special and owe thanks to the generations before us; without them, we wouldn’t be here on earth right now.

Before my Mother died suddenly in 2015, she shouted at me and insisted that I promise to ‘tell them’.  Mum was referring to how I beat stage IV cancer in 14 weeks by implementing my own protocol. I was given less than one year to live unless I followed the standard one-size fits all recommended medical guidance. She said, ‘you must tell everyone how to beat cancer or better still how to avoid it in the first place’. My experiences of various life, health, marriage, business and employment challenges have been interesting to say the least and have moulded my life to create the strong woman I am today, aged 64 and looking forward to many more adventures.

My personal story is intertwined within the general theme of changing life in England spanning six generations. This publication is my tenth contribution as a published author.  I am sincerely hoping that my family will read this book to understand how and why my outlook on life appears to be so different to theirs. 

Now, as I write in 2021, we are in the midst of World War III.  It’s a time of great concern. Every generation has experienced difficulties of one sort or another since time immemorial, with governments imposing various penalties on we the people.

History has a habit of repeating itself. It’s high time we learned the lessons and returned to the simple basics in life. To do this, I will take you, the reader, on a journey.  Please join me, you never know what thoughts and ideas will be triggered for you personally – perhaps you may be inspired to write your own family history for future generations to enjoy?

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