What’s Your Inspiring Personal Story?
Why not share your personal story as my podcast guest?

I was asked recently ' what's my story?'

My story goes something like this......

.....married too young the first time aged 19 just 6 months after my father died from a rare bone cancer, tried two more marriages.  Been raped, abducted, bankrupt, strangled and left for dead. Family members have taken their life or been tragically killed including my 17 month old granddaughter who died suddenly in 2010.

It's not all bad news as I have also been very successful with a nearly £2M turnover company I built from scratch then lost 7 years later when I woke up to my then husband being an alcoholic.  Inconvenienced by 4 different cancers including stage IV which I beat in 3 months back in 2015 I've had my share of health challenges.

One morning I woke up and had turned completely yellow, including the whites of my eyes.  I had jaundice which medics put down to stress.

Elaine Godley MBA, O.A. Dip (Psych)

I've enjoyed roles as CEO of a law firm, COO of a team with over 200 staff, mother of a son with Asperger's Syndrome and now I'm sh*t hot at guiding others how to reverse serious health and wellbeing challenges and how to overcome adversity.   

Loving my life and how I inspire others.

Running retreats in Portugal where I now live in the beautiful Algarve.

Retreats are about health and leadership - two different events.

Life in The Algarve suits me on many levels

Why ask the question how does your story relate to your health?

It’s very simple really.  Our body is made up of vibrational energy.  Everything on the planet resonates at different levels of frequency.  You know immediately when you are resonating with someone who is on your ‘wavelength’.  I liken it to tuning in to different radio frequencies.  When you are tuned in to a station that you enjoy and can hear well, you are in full flow.

To function at its best, the body needs to resonate in a positive frequency.  As life progresses, stuff happens to us whether personally or indirectly which affects our whole vibration and the essence of who we are.

We are made up of around 70% water. Water retains memory (check out Dr Masaru Emoto https://youtu.be/PDW9Lqj8hmc).  So if you are in a negative frequency, your body can and will retain the negativity and be held within your body for years.

I gained an MBA and health qualifications along the way too.  Oh and I beat a rare kidney condition I was born with and told I would be on medication for life.

After 23 years on medication I was introduced to natural wellbeing through my chiropractor - I have a twisted and curved spine and a bit of spina bifida.  I gained the confidence to stop my medication gradually and now my kidneys work better than the average person according to medics who conned me into being on antibiotics for life.

Dr Masura Emoto and hexagonal water droplets

Older readers will recall that men returning from the first and second world wars rarely spoke of their experiences.  As a result, we’d see many examples of arthritis and rheumatism – these are ‘internal’ conditions which are impacted by negativity and holding on to emotions (impacted also by diet and nutrition and lifestyle factors).

How to minimise your risk of poor health

Dealing with emotional trauma is a huge topic which impairs healing if not dealt with at a deep level.  For clients who I support with my 6-week Kick-start to Healing mentoring programme, I go through this area and refer some on to specialist practitioners who can help.  None of us has all the answers however, in collaboration, we provide stunning results for those ready to heal….and are prepared to put in the work.

Make a start by writing down the traumatic events that have happened to you in life.  Then take a step back and realise how well you’ve managed over the years and ask yourself how do you feel now you are revisiting these events?  Do you look back and thank the universe for your lessons, or do you feel emotional?  If you are emotional, then perhaps you need to do some internal work on yourself.

In the meantime, you could join my Perfect Health HUB where you will find some answers if you are ready to begin your healing journey on a DIY basis.  You will find hundreds of resources to guide you towards improved health and wellbeing.    https://perfecthealthhub.kartra.com/page/JoinHub     

Make a list

So many of us learn to take things in our stride, make some adjustments which enable us to carry on and function at a superficial level, then one day a serious illness knocks at our door.  Don’t let this be your story!


During the past 25+ years, I’ve become a specialist in the DISC model of behavioural profiling and can tell from looking at a person’s behaviour pattern, the likelihood of them being ill and from what type of conditions, without even meeting them.  I have developed an online tool from which your own situation can easily be assessed.

If you’d like to know how to reverse poor health, or better still minimise your risk of an horrendous diagnosis, then please get in touch.  I’m happy to chat with anyone and also host you on my podcast if you have an interesting story to share calendly.com/elainegodley

Elaine Godley MBA O.A. Dip (Psych) was voted Best Health and Wellbeing Mentor 2022-UK by the Business Excellence Awards.  Elaine supports clients online and with home testing assessments to identify the root cause of their health challenges and creates a wellbeing plan with them for recovery elaine@discplus.health