Ways to Detox Naturally

Let's start with a history lesson.

In 1962 Rachel Carson's book was a game changer and highlighted the changes in farming practices were endangering wildlife and poisoning the water systems.

And don't get me started on chemtrails, flouridation of the water supply, processed foods and microwaves.  Oh and don't forget 5G and other EMF nasties that come our way daily.

A film was released in 2022 called Don't Look Up in which it was obvious what's going on with weather manipulation and geoengineering.  The famous film The Matrix also told us about what's currently happening in the word and even The Simpsons predicted in 2010 what manipulation is going on right under our noses and in plain sight.

Blackpool chemtrails UK 2016

What does all this have to do with detoxing?

Very simply, we are being poisoned by the many ways in which toxicity reaches our body.  Whether from the skies, the water, our food and even the many forms of 'off-gassing' from the synthetic fabrics within our homes.

poison intolerant not gluten intolerant

how can we protect ourselves?

Firstly, we become aware of the problem and secondly, we acknowledge the damage which the various forms of toxicity can have on our body unless we take some kind of action.

Then we look at our own life and consider which of the above areas can realistically protect ourselves without living in hibernation.

Clearly, we can't control the skies, so let's rule that one out. 

We can however, choose to filter our tap water which is a good starting point because water is vital for survival.

There are many choices of filter which may be the topic for another article.  I use a filter which removes the toxic pollutants and then re mineralises the water.  I further 'charge' the water using my crystal healing wand.  This adds vitality and makes the water more accessible and absorbs into our cells more effectively.

detoxing using food

Juicing plant based foods is the quickest way to naturally detox your body whilst at the same time adding nutrition. 

It's a right faff though if I'm honest.  I know this because when I had stage IV cancer in 2015, I was juicing like a ninja 3-4 times daily. 

The cost of the organic food, cleaning and preparation time, actually juicing then clearing up, literally took over my life along with hospital and other appointments (oxygen therapy, shiatsu, walking therapy, etc).

Consuming foods like celery, cucumber, spiralina, chlorella, cilantro (coriander), and curcumin, will all help to reduce inflammation and act as a diuretic to increase urination and elimination.


A simple, easy way to detox is to take Clean Slate detox drops night and morning which is what I now do (they weren't invented when I need them in 2015) .  You can order them from https://therootbrands.com/ and your referral partner code is 'perfecthealth'.

Detox Drops
https://therootbrands.com/perfecthealth (referral partner is perfecthealth)

Live Organic Wheatgrass Juice

 From http://brittsuperfoodspartners.com/recommended/perfecthealth  contains magnesium and every vitamin we need, except vitamin D. Use referral code ‘perfect-health’ in the instruction box at checkout to receive 2 weeks extra for free when you join the juice club. 

I take 2 wheatgrass shots daily which is the equivalent super food nutrition of 3lbs of broccoli.  No messing, no juicing, just snip the sachet open and mix.

Elaine Godley MBA, O.A. Dip (Psych) and DISCPlus was voted Best Health and Wellbeing Mentor 2022 - UK by the Business Excellence Awards. Elaine specialises in DISC behaviour profiling and supports clients to reverse serious illness and disease.  Se has personally beaten four different cancers, including stage IV, plus a rare kidney disease she was born with and told was incurable. elaine@discplus.health