How to Reverse Cancer – Part 1
What if I told you that it was possible to reverse cancer? That it was nothing more than an inconvenience and your body's major wake-up call?!

What if I told you that it was possible to reverse cancer? That it was nothing more than an inconvenience and your body's major wake-up call?!

In 2015 I was given a diagnosis of stage IV cancer. I was told I had less than a year to live unless I did exactly as I was guided by medics.

What a blessing that was. No, I am not bonkers – just grateful for the wake-up call to get my life on track.

Did I follow the guidance from the consultant? No. I didn’t. Those who know me will smile at reading these words.

If caught in time, cancer is not the big nasty thing that people in white coats tell us it is. 

We don’t need to blindly follow the medic's lead to be cut, burned, or poisoned. There is an integrative approach, or even totally natural approaches to becoming well for those who can be bothered to stop, look, listen, and act (just like we learned as children to follow the highway code when crossing the road).

Be Accountable

Being aware of changes within your body, taking responsibility and action to become well is within the gift of us all.

Sadly, many people make themselves too busy to notice what their body is telling them, until one day it has enough and stops them in their tracks – often without warning.

I'm guessing that you know someone who has died from cancer, is experiencing the condition currently or about to receive a diagnosis. Cancer Research UK state on their website that one in two people will have some form of cancer within their lifetime.

I have news for you. We all have cancer. Right now.

Cancer is simply our body dealing with rogue cells that have accumulated within the body as the result of a chemical, emotional or physical trauma of some kind. When our immune system is strong, these cells die off – it’s called apoptosis. If our immune system is compromised and weak, then the cells have an environment in which to thrive unless and until we act.

My dad was only 46 years old and died from a rare form of bone cancer called sarcoma way back in 1976 when cancer was barely spoken about. We’ve come a long way since 1976 and it’s not all good news.

Ignorance is Bliss!

I get frustrated about research charities, many of whom are directly influenced by large organisations who peddle drugs (I am not going to expand further on this comment, but I am guessing that you will understand what I am alluding to here).

We know what causes cancer and we know how to prevent and fix it – but not if you listen to mainstream media and doctors – some of whom are willfully ignorant, sadly.

A huge key to recovery from any illness, regardless of the name you have been given, is resolving your blocks at a deep emotional level. I am not talking about woo woo stuff that makes some of us shut down and place our head even deeper in the sand, but finding the root cause of why you have become poorly in the first place.

You see, every one of us endures trauma throughout our lives. Much of this happens emotionally without us even realising, never mind the physical and chemical damage we are constantly exposed to.

Our body carries our traumas unless and until we learn how to manage and dissociate ourselves from them.

It is possible to accurately predict health outcomes these days, and I do so based upon my lifetime of experience and training. A big part of how we get ourselves into trouble with our health, and how we bail out and recover, is down to our DISC behaviour style.

Elaine's Top Tips - How To Reverse Cancer

My Top 12 simple and general strategies to minimise risk of becoming ill from any serious conditions are as follows:

·      Eat a well-balanced diet that suits your body (we are all different and there is no one size fits all solution)

·      Consume organic foods where possible or use an ozone water hydrator to cleanse non-organic produce at home

·      Never drink from the mains water tap or plastic bottles to avoid chemicals and other contaminants

·      Get out in the fresh air and absorb vitamin D

·      Adopt a good breathing habit to increase oxygen within your cells

·      Prepare meals fresh daily – never eat processed and pre-packaged foods unless in an emergency

·      Avoid sugar which causes inflammation. Inflammation is a root causes of all health challenges

·      Take a good quality multi-vitamin daily or, better still, follow my lead - I choose to drink 2 sachets of live organic wheatgrass which is more beneficial (ask me how)

·      Check your pH levels frequently to assess your acid/alkaline balance

·      Detox regularly – I do this daily

·      Deal with any emotional baggage you carry around within your body – most of us have some lurking deeply

·      Apart from organic raw milk, avoid all dairy produce which is acidic, causes inflammation and creates mucous, as well as being packed fully of the chemicals and hormones fed to the poor cows

As well as the stage IV cancer diagnosis (which I beat in 3 months, by the way), I’ve also experienced three other forms of cancer and cured myself of a rare kidney disease I was born with after being told I would be on medication forever because the condition is reputed to be incurable.

I’ve enjoyed a varied, interesting, and sometimes stressful life, including setting up and developing my first business aged 22 which grew to nearly £2M turnover in the late 1970s to mid-1980s, becoming CEO of a law firm and COO of a 220+ team of business professionals, a business and schools behaviour consultant, mentor, and nutrition specialist. 

These experiences have brought heaps of learning and some intensive training into my life at times for which I am eternally grateful.

Now, I am able to share these skills and knowledge with my followers, who include corporate, small businesses and individual clients. I teach how to enjoy a healthy, happy and fulfilling life.

If my experiences and story resonate with you, then please get in contact to explore how I might help you to bring more joy, health and happiness into your personal, family or working environment.

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