How Your Brain Size and Testosterone Levels Are Linked

When your body fat is high, your brain size reduces.

When your brain is small, it may affect:

?     Your thyroid function,

?     Your brain function,

?     Your testosterone levels

Do I have your attention? Here is another fact…

The NHS in the UK witnessed a 22% increase in bariatric surgery between 2014 and 2019 according to

Bariatric surgery is offered to people who are morbidly obese. This means they are so overweight that they may die early because of the enormous impact on their internal organs. High levels of fat and the resulting pressure upon the heart and other organs is a potential killer. I personally know people who have shed the equivalent body weight of a whole person when their GP explained they would die within two years if they carried on as they were.

Why are we seeing this huge increase in fat people?

We live in a toxic society that expects instant gratification. Many individuals work long hours, drink too much and don’t organise their domestic situation so they can enjoy freshly prepared organic meals from scratch. It’s far easier and quicker for the masses to buy ready meals to microwave when they arrive home late, hungry and tired.

Eating late at night gives no time for the body to digest and process food. By continually feeding ourselves, with no opportunity for healing overnight when we sleep, the body is in constant waking state and growing. 

Processed foods (typically) are loaded with sugar and chemicals and have a high calorie count. Many processed products have low levels of nutrition and when microwaved have nothing of quality left. You may as well eat the packaging for what good it will do to your body.

Fruit especially should be avoided in the evening because it can ferment in the gut and cause untold discomfort the next day which compounds when repeated.

High Stress Equals Low Thyroid Function

So often I hear of people taking a drug to support thyroid function. This is another increasing trend especially in women, although more men are showing signs of low thyroid function because of their high stress levels (GPs don’t join the dots here as it’s not part of their training)

Dr John Bergman hosts weekly talks, and his simple explanation of the thyroid see-saw is fascinating and oh so simple. Research his talks for yourself on the internet.

Stress affects thyroid function. When stress is high, the thyroid doesn’t function effectively, and many are prescribed medication as an easy solution to feeling tired rather than fixing the route cause of the problem.

Every medication has side effects, and some are quite unpleasant.

Many clients consult me because they are going around in circles, feeling ill all the time and yet the GP can’t get to the root cause of their health problems. The reason is often because of the side effects and numbers of drugs they are taking.

 For example, people who suffer from acid reflux are often guided towards over-the-counter antacid remedies yet the reason for their discomfort is never explained to them.  Acid reflux is caused by a lack of acid in the gut, not too much of it. Yes, it’s counter-intuitive but true, nonetheless (more research homework for you).

When hydrochloric (HCL) acid in the digestive system is increased, symptoms reduce or are eliminated altogether. 

Have you heard of Iatrogenic disease? 

 This was the cause of my own mother’s death.

 According to Luciano A. Sposato, Osvaldo Fustinoni, in the Handbook of Clinical Neurology, 2014

Iatrogenic disease is one of the most frequent causes of hospital admissions and constitutes a growing public health problem. The most common type of iatrogenic neurologic disease is pharmacologic, and the central and peripheral nervous systems are particularly vulnerable. Despite this, iatrogenic disease is generally overlooked as a differential diagnosis among neurologic patients. The clinical picture of pharmacologically mediated iatrogenic neurologic disease can range from mild to fatal”. 

In other words – death as a result of prescription drug side effects.

 Your Body Can Heal Itself

 All illness is driven by a chemical, physical or an emotional event which causes toxicity and inflammation.

When inflammation is allowed to thrive, the results can be catastrophic and potentially life threatening.

The solution is very simple. Change the environment and the body will heal itself.

·      Eliminate sugar and dairy from your diet because they both fuel inflammation

·      Minimise/manage/eliminate stress in your life no matter where it comes from (you may not even realise from where stress emanates until you take a step back and review your situation)

·      Assess your personal risk of alcohol (I recommend the book Drink by Professor David Nutt)

·      Eat less, exercise more – be careful on what type of exercise you do – different personality and body types require different strategies

·      Deal with any emotional baggage you haven’t resolved – especially the limiting beliefs you carry from your childhood – we all have some

·      Drink quality mineral water daily – never directly from the tap or from plastic bottles (ask me why)

·      Get in the fresh air as much as possible

·      Detox daily – I take Clean Slate drops night and morning - Clean Slate detox drops from referral partner code is perfecthealth. Start with 2 drops night and morning then gradually build to 10 night and morning.

·      Increase your intake of plant based organic foods

·      Learn to like and make fresh vegetable juice drinks – this is a quick format to gain optimal nutrition – or take my super high nutrition shortcut - Live organic wheatgrass contains magnesium and every vitamin we need, except vitamin D which should be taken with K2 for best efficacy. Use referral code ‘perfect-health’ and Elaine Godley at checkout instruction box to receive 2 weeks extra for free. Join the juice club for best prices.

Unless you make changes, you will continue to experience poor health. 

Unless you make changes, your performance at work and your personal life will suffer.

The solution to poor health is in your hands. You have a choice – change the environment or continue operating in dirty water!

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About Elaine

Elaine Godley MBA, O.A.Dip (Psych) is an award winning Health and Wellbeing Mentor. Previously a CEO and COO who burned out, Elaine cured herself naturally of a rare kidney disease she was born with and told she’d be on medication for life. She also beat four different cancers including stage IV in 2015 when Elaine was given less than one year to live unless she followed traditional medical guidance – Elaine didn’t follow the guidance and created her own healing protocol instead. She beat stage IV cancer in 3 months!

A specialist in the DISC model of behavioural profiling, Elaine has created the DISC Health Formula which enables leaders to identify team members at risk of poor health and absence from work.

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