How to Reverse Cancer Part II
When we see evidence of what's going on within our body, we can take remedial action to prevent worsening. This is part two of the reverse cancer blog series.

In part 1, I told you that cancer is within all of us, and that we have the power to prevent it growing within our body, or to reverse cancer completely. I wonder if you heard my message.

I wonder if you even read the article or if you did, whether you have taken any steps to adjust your diet and lifestyle? I’d be pleased to hear from you if you’d like to share your changes. Please email to share your experiences.


Regardless of what top line diagnosis someone is given, there are ALWAYS underlying health and emotional wellbeing challenges that are never detected by the medical profession, and which hold back healing.

When you present yourself to a GP feeling poorly, an average of only seven minutes is allowed to identify from the symptoms you describe the one thing that could potentially kill you. 

This is a direct quote from a client who was an NHS GP and resigned because the pressure and responsibility was too much. It’s no wonder that GPs are high on the scale of completed suicides, and so, so sad.

We all have a responsibility to look after our own body. No-one else can do this. Your health is not something that can be outsourced. 

The gradual decline of the NHS means that only critical care needs are being met and even then, are not always top notch and dependent upon your postcode because resources vary so much across the country.

I am not having a dig at the medical profession. Far from it. If I was in an accident, I’d be most appreciative of their skills. However, medics are only trained in how to cut, poison, and burn us. They have no training in nutrition and lifestyle matters. Medical schools are funded mostly by pharmaceutical companies – please do your own research on this point if you need any further understanding and clarification.

If you believe that taking medication is a better way forward than curing the root cause of your health symptoms, then this article is not for you, and neither is my VIP health coaching programme that guarantees to significantly improve your situation and potentially reverse even stage IV cancer and other nasties.

If you are still with me, then allow me to demonstrate the results of one of my recommended home-based tests for a client who feels really sick, sad, depressed, highly anxious, in pain with debilitating fatigue and of course cannot work in that condition.  

The DISCPlus Health Formula™ (DHF)

I’ve created an unusual and innovative healthcare model where individuals are encouraged to take responsibility for their own health and wellbeing.

My work in this field had been acknowledged by a recent award – Best Health and Wellbeing Mentor 2022 – UK.

The DISCPlus Health Formula is very simple, takes no time out from work, is undertaken at home and online with no disruption to the workplace or personal life.

Ideally, everyone should take preventative action which can literally save your life. The lab tests identify what’s going on within the body, rather than GP relying on your description of symptoms and guesswork on their part.

Preventing illness is much easier than attempting to reverse illness.

An easy way to detect underlying health challenges that are manifesting within your body (which you may not even be aware of yet), is for you to take my home-based scientifically proven laboratory tests.

A finger prick blood test plus a hair sample provides a huge amount of information pictures, graphs and guidance.

Two online assessments complete the picture and so we have all the information required to observe first-hand what needs to be done to make you feel better, increase your energy, vitality, happiness, mobility, and function – with no guesswork involved!

Many clients find me as a last resort after their GP has sent them away with a bunch of prescriptions ‘to try’ (guessing) and the regular blood tests have shown nothing out of the ordinary and yet they know there is something wrong and they feel terrible.


Did you know that all medication has side effects? Typically, individuals are on multiple medications because of the side effects from the first drug. The negative cycle continues until and unless the person acts and breaks the chain, or dies, as in the case of my own mother..

Did you also know that a condition called iatrogenic disease is a top killer? Iatrogenic disease means death from the side effect of medication and other medical activity. In 2013 an estimated 20 million negative effects from treatment had occurred globally causing 142,000 deaths.

In 1957 I was born with a kidney condition that went undetected until I was around 22 years old. Eventually, after years of unpleasant episodes, I was blue-lighted by emergency ambulance to an isolation ward at a London hospital and greeted by medics in hazmat suits because my symptoms resembled typhoid.

I was informed that my condition was incurable and that I would be on medication for life. My Harley Street consultants looked after me for 23 years and put me on a rotating cycle of three different antibiotics. Yes, you read that correctly. I was on drugs for 23 years for my ‘incurable’ disease.  I also went on to experience cancer. Is there a connection I wonder?

Had I not acted 25 years ago I guarantee I would not be writing this article today. I’ve only met one other person with this rare kidney condition. The lady was a nurse who checked me in for surgery I had in 2009. This lady had a kidney removed.

I became interested in natural health and wellbeing through engaging with a chiropractor and his partner who was a nutritionist,

The area of my spine which had been causing problems for me served my kidneys and bladder. The chiropractor worked extensively to fix me whilst the nutritionist introduced a lab test that identified challenges within my nutrition and lifestyle. I use the same lab test today with my clients and the results are so revealing.

Using diet and lifestyle changes I cured the incurable. 

My kidneys work better than the average person and I’ve been drug free for over 20 years and I’ve since received extensive training in nutrition, psychology and bio-hacking the body.


Let me tell you about a typical referral case I see often. Let’s call this lady Susan.

I helped a client to manage her cancer diagnosis and she referred me on to Susan’s sister to help her through her cancer journey as well. Susan’s sister then referred Susan to me in desperation because she could see Susan struggling and getting nowhere. 

Susan’s GP had undertaken various tests, given her multiple prescriptions without finding the root cause of her health challenge.

Susan can barely function day to day and it’s costing her employer a fortune. Sickness pay, temporary cover costs, disruption within the team and associated stress for all which is difficult to measure,  will add up to £000s and affect the bottom line of the business. Health of others within the team who will be picking up Susan’s absence operationally will also be compromised.

One of Susan’s home-based tests identified the following potential trends:-

No alt text provided for this image

Several of Susan’s mineral ratios were off the scale. No wonder her body is struggling, and she feels dreadful. In addition, she is on multiple medications which exacerbate and magnify her problems.

At the time of writing, Susan has been told that the medics still can’t find the root cause of her symptoms – because they are looking in the wrong places! 

Susan is bracing herself for a diagnosis of MS – yet to be confirmed.

In addition to the huge mineral imbalances, the test has identified that Susan has potential mercury poisoning – the symptoms of which are a kin to MS as you can read below:-

No alt text provided for this image

So, if you are ready to take responsibility for your own health and wellbeing as an individual, or if you lead an organisation and would like to improve the ESG measurement and look after your team pro-actively, then please get in touch or schedule a time to talk

Remember its far easier (and much, much cheaper) to prevent illness than to reverse it!

And by the way, the solutions to avoid and reverse all illness are similar, whether the label is fatigue or cancer and everything in between. 

Because each ‘body’ is different, that’s why I’ve created and recommend my DISCPlus Health Formula™ so you can find the root cause and know what you need to do to recover with precise direction and mentoring from me with no guesswork!

I am not medically qualified and the DISCPlus Health Formula™ does not diagnose nor replace any guidance from registered medical practitioners. The programme identifies trends and patterns from which we calculate the wellness response.


Reverse Cancer or Serious Illness

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About Elaine

Elaine Godley MBA O.A. Dip (Psych) was voted the Best Health and Wellbeing Mentor 2022 -UK for her work which supports individuals to reverse serious health challenges. Following her experience with stage IV cancer in 2015 after being given less than 1 year to live, and beating it in 3 months, Elaine teaches how to take control of health and wellbeing. Whether clients have been sent home with no hope of recovery, or want to stay well, Elaine has strategies that provide hope, inspiration, minimising symptoms and even reversal of serious conditions. A former CEO, COO and business consultant who burned out, Elaine understands the business and health challenges which can derail organisations.

Use this link to book a free call with Elaine to learn how to introduce the DISC Health Formula within your organisation or email

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