Gratitude – Cancer or Incidentaloma ??
How much pain must you or your business endure before you listen to your intuition and common-sense ??

Question/thought ....... When is a medical condition real or fake?

Answer....... When it's over screened and over tested for and the patient is directed into a spiral of fear. There is plenty of evidence that some screening can cause more problems than is intended to resolve.

Dr Rohin Francis, an eminent Cardiologist, explains in his brilliant video series the wonders of how the body can heal itself when given the right environment and how 'incidentaloma' is more common than we realise.

In 2009 when I received my first cancer diagnosis, I was scared, rushed into treatment and unwittingly fell into the 'cascade of care' as described so eloquently by Dr Francis in this talk entitled The Epidemic of Fake Disease

Whilst some personality styles may have carried the anger and hurt of this deceit within their body for the rest of their life, my take on what happened to me is one of gratitude. Let me explain........

Coaching and Mentoring - The Differences

I describe myself as a Master Health Mentor for a reason. My experiences and incredible adventures in life across both personal and business aspects have all had an effect on my overall health and wellbeing through various stages.

To clarify....a Mentor provides guidance to clients from the perspective of personal experience and anecdotal evidence, whereas a Coach guides their clients through a series of models and processes. Of course it is possible that a Coach may also be a Mentor in some areas of life and both may be qualified in academic realms too.

Through my experiences of beating a rare kidney disease that I was born with (undetected until I was 22 years old, then put on medication for life) and four, yes four, different types of cancer, single motherhood (twice), rape, abduction, bankruptcy (twice), hepatitis, EBV, failed marriages (three), tragic family deaths, domestic abuse, business struggles and also super business success across a variety of industry sectors including roles where I managed teams of over 200 staff, was CEO, COO and Managing Partner, I've had my share of experiences, heartbreaks and joys in life.

No matter what clients tell me they are struggling with in terms of their health and wellbeing, I've pretty much been there in some way or another. My life experiences provide me with the evidence and credibility to guide others and I've studied to gain master degree level qualifications, despite leaving school barely 16 years old with just a handful of average certificates.

The Cascade of 'Care'

Just so you know, describes an incidentaloma as a radiological neologism to denote a lesion found incidentally and of dubious clinical significance!

DCIS was my first 'cancer' diagnosis which rushed me into a 'cascade of care' starting with a mammogram and then mastectomy in 2009, a recurrence with a grade 3 tumour in 2011, stage IV Hodgkin's Lymphoma in 2015 and several instances of skin cancer since.

My life has been saved through listening to my intuition and what my body was telling me on many occasions and NOT by listening to medics who are trained to take us down the path taking medication which has unwanted side effects.

I am not knocking doctors - far from it. If I was in a car crash or needed emergency treatment of some kind, I would welcome their interventions, however, please bear in mind that medical schools are funded by the pharmaceutical giants. Enough said.

An integrated approach to life, and wellness in particular, is my recommendation. Take the best of what's on offer, follow your intuition, ask questions and do heaps of research, and/or consult someone who already knows about the area on which you need guidance.

If I hadn't received the diagnosis and fake treatment/cure pathway in 2009, I wouldn't have experienced the pathway of medical 'care' involving many surgeries, highs and lows which affected me personally and my business activities hugely.

Without these experiences, for which I am grateful, I would not be qualified to call myself a Health and Wellbeing Mentor.

Without the rollercoaster of business highs and lows, I couldn't guide business leaders by sharing my stories and experiences - good and not so good.

Without the immense time and effort I put in to learn, study and gain qualifications in business and natural health, I would be unable to express myself across many platforms and business sectors.

Without the ability to follow my intuition I would have been dead many years ago if I'd listened to those who claimed to know better.

Without my unique understanding and application of DISC and how our behaviours affect our health and wellbeing I would have been unable to have supported hundreds of business leaders and their teams to gain more productivity, greater efficiency and be happier and healthier in the process.

Question Everything and Live in Gratitude

The universe brings us many experiences. Some of these adventures are lessons to learn so that we can teach others.

Give thanks for the rich tapestry that life presents to us daily and note how your body is reacting. Your body tells you what it needs. For some people they will have a 'gut' reaction, whereas for others their 'heart' aches or their 'joints' hurt more than usual.

Wherever your body talks to you, please listen and don't let your brain - your logical mind, get in the way and talk you out of what we used to term 'commonsense'.

In February 2020, although I had no basis of proof and certainly no evidence at that time, I intuitively knew that the fear mongering generated by mainstream media and strengthened via social media channels was fake.

In September 2022 I was relieved to watch the documentary A Second Opinion and also an illuminating interview with Dr Mike Yeadon.

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Elaine Godley, MBA, O.A.Dip (Psych) was voted Best Health and Wellbeing Mentor 2022 - UK by the Business Excellent Awards. A DISC profiling specialist, Elaine has a unique perspective on life and how behaviour affects personal health and business endeavours. What's App me on 0044 7934 898722 or 00351 920 327 271

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