The Hidden Costs of Business Mistakes
What is the true cost of staff turnover and impact on mental health when the wrong hire is made?

Did you know that the hidden costs of business mistakes are far reaching and often never recorded or measured?

We can physically see the immediate difficulties when a wrong hire is in place. Tension builds up, personality clashes ensue, tempers fray and productivity suffers.

In a recent LinkedIn poll the monetary cost of a mis-hire was £5k as a minimum figure with more votes indicating over £10k. However, the true cost can be more like 100k or even more when are are talking about C-Suite level. Measure your costs using this helpful calculator

Some organisations may know the immediate damage in monetary terms, yet there is a wide ripple effect where team member health and wellbeing is concerned.

It's very difficult to put a price on the physical and mental stress throughout an organisation on a day to day basis with 'normal' trading activities, never mind when a wrong hire is made.

Stress is a root cause of many, many illnesses and disease.

Did you know it's possible to identify mental and physical stress from observing DISC behaviour profile patterns?

Did you know the DISC profile patterns can suggest if a team member is approaching burnout or even AT burnout level?

Imagine how you might save yourself, your colleagues and your business a great deal of physical, mental and monetary stress by applying my unique approach to DISC which is bias towards health and wellbeing.

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Elaine Godley MBA, O.A. Dip (Psych) is a DISC Behaviour Profiling specialist and was voted Best Health and Wellbeing Mentor 2022 - UK

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