Are Your Team Members Camouflaging Their Feelings?

The Christmas jollies have already started for many organisations, much to the discomfort of a huge proportion of team members.

Regardless of how people appear on the surface, introverted team members will be dreading the expectation to pitch up at parties and may pretend to enjoy the obligatory celebration drinks at this time of year.

I have news for you if you are a Senior or Managing Partner in a professional services firm or practice.

Not everyone enjoys parties as you may do.

In the past 25 years I have profiled hundreds of teams, and thousands of individuals - predominantly accountants and lawyers.

Evidence from the profiles confirms that too many professionals are putting on a mask when they enter the office.

When feelings and behaviours are suppressed, health challenges will result - GUARANTEED!

So how can you help your team?

Talk to each person (privately, one to one). Observe their body language, use your investigative skills to get to the true preference on how they would truly like to conduct themselves during the silly season.

In my experience, senior partners, and especially managing partners, are different personalities to team members.

Differences in behaviour patterns are also apparent according to the legal or accountancy disciplines.

These differences, if not understood, can cause huge communication challenges, with resulting health and financial implications for the organisation and the individual.

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During my 25+ years of using the DISC model of behaviour profiling, I have guided many teams progress from being completely dysfunctional to top performers.

Let´s talk and explore how I might guide your firm or practice to increase gross margin, reduce sickness and improve overall health and wellbeing for everyone.

Results delivered through teams I have mentored, have been quite remarkable (I would say that, wouldn´t I).

Have a peek here to see how my 16-week DISCPlus programme works.

The unique combination of my personal life experiences, business and health industry credentials now provides the professional services sector with the refreshing, strong and effective DISCPlus Team Programme™

Please book a call with me to explore if the programme is suitable for your firm or practice and if you would like to add your firm or practice to my waiting list.

Elaine Godley MBA, O.A. Dip (Psych) is a DISC behaviour specialist and an award winning Health and Wellbeing Mentor. A former CEO, COO and business mentor especially passionate about health and wellbeing at work. Elaine beat cancer four times including stage IV when in 2015 she was given less than 12 months to live (all because she didn´t listen and take note of how her behaviour was affecting her health)

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